Rudy worked for many years as Gothic/EBM DJ in that Discotheque " PIPELINE " (Munich) . He was impressed by the musik of LEATHERSTRIP through which the desire to make his own musik grew.

In October it became real. The tape " Defcon " emerged.

After the very small edition of the first tape( 50 pieces) was very fast sold, Rudy released in july the tape " Small Chambermusicians ", because he had already new material in the box.It was limited on 70 pieces.

At the beginning of the year Rudy gets the possibility to publish some songs, before appeared on tape, on CD. In co-operation with VUZ RECORD the compilation " New Form Of Entertainment Vol.1" was released in January , beside :WUMPSCUT: also DIVE and D.A.R.P.A. are represented.

In December it is finally so far,Rudys debut " Music For A Slaughtering Tribe " appears on VUZ record, it contains the mega hit " Soylent Green ".

In 1994 Rudy reached with its EPCD " Dried Blood " (ANT ZEN) the total break-through.Thanks to Black Death it became a scene dance hit which no Dj wants to miss.

Rudy thanks its fans in december with the today extremely looked up" 7 "Picture single " Smell The Disgusting Sweet Taste Of Dried Blood ".

Rudy found its own label BETON KOPF MEDIA , to have the full check over :WUMPSCUT:. First publication was here, the " Gomorra " EPCD. Even if Rudy succeeds with "Untermensch" again a scene hit, he nevertheless shows with " Turns Off Pain " its real artistic being .

The " Oma Thule Single ", actually planned as fun project and never for the publication , is nevertheless released over VUZ RECORD in small edition in February .

In September Rudy releases the second Full time album " Bunkertor 7 ".It was already expected from the fans for a long time. For this time the legendary:WUMPSCUT: - boxes appears first. The tradition of the: W: - boxes successfully works with each new album until today but the limitations had to be increased because of the gradually growing number of :WUMPSCUT: fans.

In February appears with "The Messner tracks" the first:WUMPSCUT: Compilation. Here are songsin March the second part of the " Remix Wars ", released over OFF BEAT. 3 titles of the other one were remixt in each case.

Due to the large popularity of:WUMPSCUT:, and the associated fast selling of the CDs, all CDs were 1996 again digitally processed, got a new Artwork, and again published.

Rudy found a new label with MENTAL ULCER FORGES (MUF), to give friendly musicians the possibility of publishing their music. He makes the start with Raoul of NOISEX.

After " Music For A Slaughtering Tribe " was sold off already for a long time, Rudy, those decided to revise MFAST completely again. Thus it gave a quite new Artwork and also those the sequence of the titles was changed. The most remarkable innovation however, was probably the bonus CD. This contained remixe of some " MFAST " tracks.

Briefly before the third album "Embryodead" with suitable box in march appeared ", it gave the strictly limited special promo"Deejaydead" exclusively for DJs.

In November Rudy then the second:WUMPSCUT: Compilation, " Born Again ", came out

Apart from 2 new titles here are again various remixe of old titles and two of the looked up "Deejaydead"remixe contained.

1998 were hard year for all fans.The announced new album was shifted again and again.

Nevertheless it gave a small comfort plaster. The sold off EPCDs " Dried Blood " and " Gomorra " a were pressed on CD again " Dried Blood Of Gomorra " developed.

" Totmacher " gives us a first taste of the coming album. On the DMCD are apart from the original version 17 Remixe of other artists.

After some releases parties, in april the fourth official album," Boeses Junges Fleisch",is finally available. The " Fleischbox ", which again appears simultaneous, contains numerous, limited Merchandising articles so loved by the fans.

In september explodes with " Ich Will Dich " the second Track from the CD " BJF " and is gratefully assumed.

" A Special Collector´s Edition " of BJF appears as a 1500 pieces limited doubles LP, containing the Grave Digger Party Mega Mix from Totmacher.

2000 Rudy starts with working again After changing from NOVA TEKK to CONNECTED he release every CD with a new artwork.

In april 2000 then the third :W: compilaton " Blutkind " appears. Containing most of the desperatelly looked up songs of the first tapes, unreleased material and also two new tracks.The first multi-media track is as bonus on the second CD.

Because of the great demand, new t-shirts of all album are created and sold.

The work to the fifth album has began...

Source: http://www.betondisco.de