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Angel Come To Me

To Me Come To Me

Angel Belong To Me

To Me Belong To Me

Angel You Have Wings

To Fly Fly To Me

Angel Do You Doubt

No Need To Have Doubt

Angel Feel My Love

My Love For You

Feel My Love For You

Angel Carry Me

To You To Your Home To Paradise

Angel I Would Lie For You

For You Just For You With My Yearning Heart

And Angel I Would Die For You

For You Just For You With My Burning Heart

Angel Don't Feel Liable

For Me And My Pain Don't Feel Liable

Cause Angels Must Be Free

High Up From This World In Eternity

Angel I Could Clip Your Wings

To Catch All Your Love To Calm Your Pain

But Angel This Would Be So Wrong

You Would Bleed To Death Immediately

So Angel Come To Me

Heal My Glaring Pain Voluntarily

I Love You

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