Woodie - This is Northern Cali Lyrics

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Enter my danger zone Northern Cali

Yes son from the valley to the bay

The mighty Norte got it sewn

We bout half a mill' people up in these streets

So keep a grip we flared up we red flags and caps

This ain't Blood or Crip this is northern organized (?) eternity

Putting dips up in this mutha fucker stack and murder piece

Never heard of Woodie now you have listen up and soak it in

Northern Cali is full of killas hommie go and tell a friend

And if (?) trail methamphetamine is good

Northern Cali got the country hooked

We gon raise the roof we pop our collars grip our nuts

Kill our enemies' visions and feed fishes there guts

Heavier in the old school country launching Malibu's

350 rockers 450 (?)

We got the now 609

661 and 409 on the valley grind

We got the 405 West Bay

707 North Bay 408 South Bay

But its all Norte

The (?) of east bay 925 East Co Co.

The Northern Cali breakdown for you po-po's

[Chorus: repeat 2X]

This is Northern Cali representing putting it down

We from the valley everybody holla your town

We from the bay we all hear the shit the same way

From the valley to the bay ready for some gun play


Homie we slang and we bang in east bay it's a G thing

Punks saying salutation while taking lives with no delay

Feel me its west coast the left coast no test wit killer Cali

Nasty (?) through your back streets and alleys

Past the valley act badly

I hits the carry a fifth of brandy

Splash these bitches cuz there trashy

Rolling old school (?)

(?) Valley (?) mustangs

But one thing there's gun play

So when the fucks bring

Let your nuts swang

It's a mustang for the (?) regulate

Po-po's got to bring the yellow tape in everyday

Up here our tapes will set your hood (?)

You can hear the evidence we represent put it down

For the whole bay is a cold game

And it all while cursing city streets

These addicts smashing traffic on that cradik

In the A-N-T-I-O-C-H we don't be hate

We fo da pay and blowing brains

I'm smoking dank (?) in my corner of the golden state


When you smoking on the bubonic chronic that got you gone

Where you think it come from

Where you think it come from when you smoking

on the bubonic chronic that got you gone

Were you think it come from

Where you think it come from


It comes from northern Cali

Up in home bock county the northwest region

By the ocean not the valley

It's considered the most ronic commodity

The hommies call it (?)

The hippies call it pot or weed

It's garneted to get you high tho O fo sho

And the Northerners are making a killing slanging that roach

But straight fo yayo packing pistols illegal substances distributed

Got domies packing crystals and glass pipes and feel good again

It gets dirty in this west coast sunshiny state

You might die early gangbanging

But that is the chance you take

Locked up in prison for life

1 2 3 strikes your out

Sell a pound pack a pistol

Shot a rival (?)

Wit no hesitation the judge will have you facing a

life long vacation

But we still regulation

And these suckers are punching and get treated like sluts

This is northern cal bow down lick on these nuts

[Chorus] - repeat to end

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