Woodie - Off Night

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(feat. Shannon Sanders)


I step into a house party

Cortez's shinin'

Khakis creased up

Sharper than a diamond

I wasn't invited

So I might be out a place

I'm peepin' the scene

I feel no funk

But feel the bass

They bumpin' some of that

Northern Cali type a shit

Cold World Hustlers

Mac Dre and Brotha Lynch

I'm catchin' the vibe

The atmospheres I'm sweatin'

But still holdin' the nine

In case a homie got to bang

Directions one to one

When it comes to the sets

Cuz it just might be fun tonight

I usually don't expect it

See if your wandering eyes glancin' my way

Who'd a thought out on a

Saturday or a Friday

[Chorus x2: Shannon Sanders]

Although it's an off night

It just might turn out right

Although it's an off night

Don't junk it till dawn light


Three choices it appears to me

But the brunette with the booty is steering me

She's got them bright green eyes

Proper face, thick thighs

Tits average size

All in all she's the prize

I smoothly make my way across the room

My confidence is high

With three 40's consumed

Hit her with some small talk

Then back off some

If the conversation stops

It was a false alarm

She pursued to chop it up

And asked if I liked to groove

I said, "Baby I'm a gangster

When I dance I barley move"

So if that's cool with you

Then fo' sho' lets hit the floor

But I must admit

My specialty's to stop and get low

[Chorus x2]


The party's gettin' humid

And the heat I can't bear

So baby I'm a got out front

And get some fresh air

She said she'd like to go to

And asked, "Is that alright with you"

Not a problem

But I might just hit the liquor store or two

My Lark's down the block

And since the night's hot

If you want, it's convertible

So we can drop the top

Right there I had her caught

A fish on a hook

She was puddy in my hands

I could tell by her look

She asked if I was a playa

I said, "That life ain't for me"

Norteño from the Yoc

Now that's a different story

She fell for every word

She was lovin' me no doubt

Told my homies that I came with you

It's time I headed out

To the Lark, to the store, to my spot,

To the soft white imperals on my bed

I'm hittin' skins on and off [not yet]

Sometimes that's the way it goes

Tryin' to get crackin' on the Lincoln

It's all in the ass

[Chorus x4]

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