Woodie - -N- The Bay

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(feat. Lil' Los)


It's that W-E-S-T, T-W-O-M-P

Represent and I'll pretend

That W double O-D-I-E

That took the Y-O-C up out of East Co. Co.

And let it be known

That there's some major shit

Crakin' off in the deep East Bay and G's roll

From block to block with automatic chops,

Removable stocks, and extra clips

And mob shots pushin' crank bombs

And yet these bottles make all of us flip

I never did much slangin' for bangin' pursuited hard

Why the fuck you think they always keepin' norteños off the yard

Cuz we smash on the enemy

Northern Cal is our vicinity

Tryin' to run shit on our side of the map

Get blown back with artillery

It's a known fact we're rivaled by many

But that don't mean a thang

A little more quantity

But a higher quality's got to keep domain

So when we gather our troops

To rowdy your boots

Don't be shot cuz I warned ya

Come to the topside of California

See northsiders on every corner

Throwin' up that mighty N-A

Packin' heat, holdin' a fort down

And if you disagree your out of pocket

Comin' up short now

[Chorus: Woodie]

All who wear them bloody rags hang

Larks and cutty's back swang

Mind your own and do your thang

If you don't wanna gangbang

But if you get the set trippin'

And that south come out your mouth

Or you disrespectin' north

Than bet your death will come about

All who wear them bloody rags hang

Larks and cutty's back swang

Baller's rap the fat chains

And the money stacks claim

Different lies everyday

Police always on the way

But hey

That's how we live in the bay

[Lil' Los]

If you can't stand the heat

Then get the fuck out the kitchen

Cuz ammunition that I'm dishin'

Best believe it ain't missin'

The clock is tickin'

I'm trippin'

The steel that I'm grippin's askin me

How the fuck I got myself in this position

It's easy the town I'm in gave me a complex

They gots me snappin' and flashin'

Over some nonsense

So buckle up

And keep your chest covered up

I'll grab my clip, stuff it up

Now it's time to fuck shit up

And times are tough

But their only gonna get tougher

My barrels payin' thunder

Leavin' suckas smothered for colors

I'm comin' out the gutters with cutters

That be cuttin' muthafuckas in my way

In the bay

In that game where you don't play

And it's too late

You clocked in

Now there ain't no stoppin'

Choppers from choppin'

When you make it to my top ten

I'm lost in the zone goin' crazy

Good, I'll shake it

There ain't nothin' that can save me

From the way the streets raised me



Death could come at any moment

I've been walkin' there for years

Since I swallowed all my fears

And started holdin' back my tears

It seems the only way to keep my heart pumpin'

Now is to represent

And keep the names alive

Of the those homies already dead

And when I know I ain't evil

But it's evident I ain't heaven sent

How could I be when I done committed

Each of the deadly seven sins

A product of my environment

That's bullshit I ain't buyin' it

Been a killa since birth

It's in my blood

There's no denying it

We got our own constitution

Northerners organized

And believe it or not

This love amongst us

All sometimes disguised

Tried to hold a job

A couple of times

But fuck a nine to five

Suckas tellin' me what to do

I'd rather be shot and buried alive

Just let me ride

Let me kick it

Drink my 40's

I admit it

I'm addicted

I can't get enough

To shake it out my system

And my fellow homies feel the same

And out the trenches of the bay

Takin' it day by day

One step at a time

Closer to our grave

[Chorus x2]

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