Woodie - -N- Our Blood

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Goddammit, can't understand it sometimes

I feel like my souls been catapulted from another planet

Cause who knows?

I still can't make sense of the misery...

Just know it's unavoidable,

That ain't no mystery, it seems funerals

Outnumber childbirth within my circle

One step closer to my last breath

For every life and death decision I hurdle

Fightin' to keep a little joy in my life,

Can't let these voices at night

Persuade or poison my sight, never wage war out of spite

I gotta keep it together, never sell out for the chedder

I prefer to die solid than live life with loyalty severed

Learn to cherish the little things that this life brings

A mansion on the beach with wife and kids has a nice ring

But don't trade in your soul for anything other than love for another

Such as your sister or mother, your father, cousin or brother

Whether related by blood or not, you know who your family is

The ones that pick you up when you land in piss!

[Chorus: Lou-E-Lou & Woodie]

Can't kick it with those, whose courage be brittle

Can't kick it with those that touch their toes then plead acquittal

We dot I's cross T's, make the whole spot sizzle

We got no sugar -n- our blood, not even just a little!

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