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I've been loosing myself in anger

So much broken by the rage

Never could take my mind off

How to make them pay

Can't hide myself enough but

Then the pain won't go away

Loosing myself to madness

I may gaze and play

I could touch

The hands of time

Have you ever

Here I am


Tell me why am I still here when It's so late?

I am just a ghost of yesterday.

Tell me why am I still trying to hold on?

Gotta turn it down to let it go.

I do turn to keep on trying, but I spend it to the end. Knowing that there's no person for my rising side.

I'm buried again in evil, always the one who's left behind.

I am the one who's standing, I will live to tell.

If I could turn the hands of time, I would, but here I am, here I am.


Tell me why I'm wasting away.

Tell me how to be my own change.

Cause I've been losing it too long.

Tell me how to stand here and fight.

Tell me how to face my own day. Cause I'm still standing.

I'm still standing, such as a fighter. I've got to fight for all of it.


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