Wilco - Bull Black Nova

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It's in my hair, it's on my clothes<br>

It's in the river, over the road<br>

It's shining down, my angry star<br>

Hanging off the hood of my car<br>

Not going far, not going far<br>


It's coming down, they're coming up the shoulders<br>

What have they found? I wonder if they'd know<br>

I'm in a bull black Chevy Nova, silhouetted by the setting sun<br>

This can't be undone, this can't be undone<br>


If I am the one, blood on the sofa<br>

Blood in the sink, blood in the trunk<br>

High at the wheel of a bull black Nova<br>

And I'm sorry as a setting sun<br>

This can't be undone, can't be outrun<br>


It's in my hair, there's blood in the sink<br>

I can't calm down, I can't think<br>

I keep calling, there's blood in the trunk<br>

I can't calm down, I freak out, black out<br>



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