Wilco - Born Alone

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I have heard the wall and worried of the gospel

Ferry faust it crossed a void

I have married broken spoke charging smoke wheels

Spit and swallowed opioids

I am the driver at the wheel of the order

Marching circles at the gate

My eyes have seen the fury

So flattered by fate

Tonight I'd rather count the warm fuse?

Subtract the silence of myself

I would rather choose a million mind of mystery

Be just the rigor for my health

I wonder why strange rhymes overpower me

Toss the chimneys in the sea

I believe I've seen the finger

To hide extremity

Please come closer to the feather smooth lens fry

Sadness is my luxury

Will you wear torn the cold come before I die

More aware of it than me

Without the glowing stone

The kids are unabashed

Loneliness postponed

My eyes deceiving glory

I was born to die alone


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