WHO - Heatwave lyrics

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Heat wave<br>Heat wave<br><br>Whenever I'm with you<br>Something inside<br>Starts to burn deep<br>And my heart's filled with fire<br>Could be that I'm very sentimental<br>Or is this just the way love's supposed to be? <br><br>Chorus:<br>I got a heat wave<br>Burning in my heart<br>I can't keep from crying<br>Tearing me apart<br><br>Sometimes she calls my name<br>Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can't explain<br>I feel, yeah I feel<br>I feel this burning flame<br>This high blood pressure's got a hold on me<br>'cause this is the way love's supposed to be<br><br>(chorus)<br><br>Oh yeah<br>Oh yeah<br><br>Oh yeah<br>Oh yeah<br><br>Just give me another chance<br>This could be a new romance<br><br>Heat wave<br>Heat wave<br>Heat wave<br>Heat wave

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