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We all want to make a place in this world<br>We all want our voices to be heard<br>Everyone wants a chance to be someone<br>We all have dreams we need to dream<br>Sweeter than any star you can reach<br>Is when you reach and find you found someone<br>You'll hold this world's most priceless thing<br>The greatest gift this life can bring<br>Is when you look back and know<br>You were loved<br>Chorus:<br>You were loved by someone<br>Touched by someone<br>Held by someone<br>Meant something to someone<br>Loved somebody<br>Touched somebody's heart along the way<br>You can look back and say<br>You were loved<br>Yes you were, now<br>You can have diamonds in the hands<br>Have all the riches in the land<br>But without love you don't really have a thing<br>When somebody cares that your alive<br>When somebody trusts you with their life<br>That's when you know<br>That you have all you need<br>You hold this world's most priceless gift<br>The finest treasure that there is<br>You can look back and know<br>You were loved<br>Chorus<br>So many roads that you can take<br>Whatever way you go<br>Don't take that road alone<br>It's better you should know...<br>Chorus<br>So remember to tell that special one<br>You are loved...are loved...you are loved

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