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If I changed my mind,<br>If I changed my faith,<br>Every time a stop light signaled<br>Each time I made mistakes<br>I don't think that i<br>Would be where I am today<br>I live my life without regrets<br>What you see is<br>What you see is<br>What you see is what you get<br>And i'm<br><br>Chorus:<br>Unashamed of the life I lead<br>Unashamed of the strength on my knees<br>Of choices I've made,<br>Of the love that I've saved<br>Of the things I've done,<br>My belief in the one<br>Unashamed of the words of my friends,<br>I know who they are<br>Make mistakes, make amends<br>Follow my instincts, my star<br>On my sleeve I wear my heart<br>Unashamed<br><br>Adding up my life, it totals all my dreams<br>I'm counting all my blessings<br>And the gifts I have received<br>Still there's always someone<br>Something to overcome<br>Took all my life to understand<br>That I am what I am, who I am<br>Unashamed<br><br>Chorus<br><br>(do you)<br>Do you wanna know how it goes? <br>Do you wanna control how I feel? <br>Do you wanna stay in my life? <br>Then listen here, and listen good,<br>You got to get it,<br>Got to get it,<br>Got to get it right!<br>Unashamed<br><br>Chorus (say what you want)

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