rate me

(feat. Santana)

Reaching for my dreams

And you're so quick to say what I can't do

You criticize my action

But I don't see you standing in my shoes

I'm going the wrong way

I'm doing the wrong things

Every word just gives me fuel

So come on come on come on come on come on come on


And tell me no

And I'll show you I can

And tell me no

I sink my feet right in

Tell me no

Just tell me that I can't win

Come on

I'm sure I'll prove you wrong

Go on and go

Tell me no

Every step I take you're right there trying to block my next move

If you're making me feel bad, then tell me then do you feel good

I'm just human I know what I'm doing

That's what my heart tells me I should

So come on come on come on come on come on come on


No no no no no no no

You motivates me more and more

And I think it's time that you know

Giving me something to afford

And I can't wait for the day

I can rock things in your place

I ain't gonna stop til I'm done

I reach the top I'm the No.1

For everytime you try and tell me no

Oh you makes me keep on keep it all

[Chorus x2]

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