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Well, there's a bridge and there's a river<br>That I still must cross<br>As I'm going on my journey<br>Oh, I might be lost<br>And there's a road I have to follow<br>A place I have to go<br>But no one told me just how to get there<br>But when I get there I'll know<br>'cause I'm taking it...<br>Step by step<br>Bit by bit<br>Stone by stone<br>Brick by brick<br>Step by step<br>Day by day<br>Mile by mile<br>Go your own way<br>And this old road is rough and ruin<br>So many dangers along the way<br>So many burdens might fall upon me<br>So many troubles I have to face<br>But I won't let my spirit fail me<br>But I won't let my spirit go<br>Until I get to my destination<br>I'm gonna take it slow<br>Because I'm taking it...<br>Chorus<br>Say baby, don't give up<br>You've got to hold on to what you've got<br>Oh, baby, don't give up<br>You've go to keep on moving<br>Don't stop<br>Yeah, yeah<br>I know you're hurting<br>I know you're blue<br>I know you're hurting<br>But don't let the bad things get to you<br>I'm taking it...<br>Chorus<br>C'mon baby, gotta keep movin' [ad lib]

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