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(ad-libs) ohh. this is just for me. (laughs)<br>Kick off my shoes and relax my feet<br>Hit the kitchen grab a bite to eat<br>It's been one of those crazy weeks<br>And I gotta do something special for me<br><br>See, hit the salon get a mani and a pedi<br>Have a massage, get a sip and then I'm ready<br>Gotta take time out<br>And my real ladies know what I'm talking about<br><br>Sing. oooooooh, baby baby<br>You don't know what I've been going through<br>Sing it again now. oooooooh, baby baby<br>It's obvious to see exactly what I need<br><br>One of those days<br>When the sun is shining bright<br>And my life is going right<br>And the simple things are not wasted<br><br>One of those days<br>When you're cruising in your car<br>And you're out to see the stars<br>And it's warm outside and beautiful<br><br>Tonight, it's all about me<br>Just wanna set my body free<br>Never mind the tv<br>Tonight I'll just let a little tv watch me<br>Light the candles, aroma therapy<br>Hot tub bubbles surrounding me<br>Mr. big is in the background<br>The isley brothers gonna hold it down... sing<br><br>Chorus<br><br>[ad-libs at the end,<br>Singing hello... hello... (friendly)<br>I need one of those days<br>You don't know what...<br>Warm and beautiful<br>Laughs again.]

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