WHITNEY HOUSTON - Nothin´ But Love

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<br>Here I sit by my window thinking about all the things that I´ve been through <br>There were times where I never thought I get to where I got to <br>Had some angels to guide me <br>someone to ? lay on all my love <br>Now this is my chance to say ain´t go nothin but love <br> <br>For my family that raised me <br>(shout out shout out) <br>And my teacher that done praised me <br>(shout out shout out) <br>To anyone who tried to hate on me <br>(shout out shout out) <br>Even the one´s who tried to break me <br>even the one´s who tried to take me down <br> <br>There´ve been haters since this world been going ´round <br>(nothin but love nothin but love) <br>Why they take a thing and trying to crush them down <br>(nothin but love nothin but love) <br>I ain´t even trying to hold on to that now <br>(nothin but love nothin but love) <br>Ain´t got nothin but love for you <br>(nothin but love nothin but love) <br> <br>I could hold on to pain <br>but that ain´t what my life´s about <br>I ain´t blaming nobody <br>if I ain´t got my stuff worked out <br>I got love for my self <br>ain´t gonna regret anything I´ve done <br>I just wanna sing my song <br>ain´t got nothin but love <br> <br>For all the players on the street <br>(shout out shout out) <br>To all my ? doing their own thing <br>(keep on keep strong) <br>To all my exes that done wrong me <br>stepped on me can´t hold me down <br> <br>To all the givers and the takers <br>To my crew from way back when <br>To the cold wars and the stares <br>And the ones that I ain´t met <br>For my self for sticking with me <br>For the one´s I miss from up above <br>Anyone who´s ever been a part of me <br>Ain´t got nothin but love<br><!-- stopprint -->

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