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When you're down and in despair

Don't be uneasy cause he'll be there

So don't you worrydon't you fret

The lord has never failed you yet


So hold onhelp is on the way

Hold onGod is on his way

Hold onhe's on his way

He told me to hold on

He's on his way

Hold onhe's coming soon

Prayhe'll be there

Now when it seems that you can't stand

Just hold on to god's unchanging hand

Yeahweeping mayyesendure for just one night

But joy will come in the morning light


He may not come when you want him

But he's right on time

He'll be right there

Help is on the way (x3)

The word told me

If I ask he's on his way

I'm thankful cause I know he is

Come just say (help)

Come on just try (help)

Ask him for a little bit (help)

He'll give it to you right away (help)

Know the help I know (help)

I've called him before

So glad...

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