rate me

Count on me through think and thin

A friendship that will never end

When you are weak I will be strong

Helping you to carry on

Call on me I will be there

Don't be afraid

Please believe me when I say

Count on...

I can see it's hurting you

I can feel your pain

It's hard to see the sunshine though the rain

I know sometimes it seems as if

It's never gonna end

But you'll get through it

Just don't give in cause you can...


I know sometimes it seems as if

We're standing all alone

But we'll get though it

Cause love won't let us fall


There's a place inside of all of us

Where our faith in love begins

You should reach to find the truth in love

The answers there within oh

I know that life can make you feel

It's much harder than it really is

But we'll get through it

Just don't give in


Thanks to atasia alderson for these lyrics

Thanks to Beauty Gboelo for correcting these lyrics

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