Whitlams - Shining

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I can see it shinin'

It's coming for me comin' out of the night

Everything is hummin' it's scarin' me now

It ain't feelin' right

Think I might just hide a while wait for the night to return

Dark and cold and lonely

Is how I feel and it feels nice

Don't want any company it just wouldn't feel right

I used to be so happy I could smile

And everything seemed to work out

Now my eyes are starting to close down

I can see you again in my dreams

You're starring my lost and lonely friend

We used to have such good times

Why did you leave before our time was through?

Everything looks pretty we're far from the city

And I'm holding you in my arms

You feel so alive and so do I

Isn't it a pity that soon I'll wake and soon I'll cry

I can't stop reminiscing about what is missing in my life

I'm scared of everything

I got nothing to hold onto

If I believed in God then maybe I could give myself up too

But I'm not too sure about the after-life

So I'm just gonna go on dreamin' of you

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