Whitlams - Hollow Log

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Inside a hollow log a rabbit makes its home

It burrows deep inside it's sheltered from the storm

And when the rain has stopped

The rabbit gets the urge to hop

And hops and hops and hops and hops

He loves the city lights the circus and the sound

He loves the buildings and the holes in the ground

He plays and bounces 'round until he sees

the moon go down

then back home again he hops

Oh hollow log hollow log

He loves his hollow log

Living on his own

No hot water and no telephone

Now two years later he has a family

He and his pretty wife a sprout of thirty three

They're all gathered 'round

Listening to the sound

Of the rain falling on their...

Hollow log hollow log

They love their hollow log

Living in harmony

Ma and pa and - 1 2 3 4 5 6 - thirty three

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