White Zombie

White Zombie - Shack Of Hate

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Ze wheels o' fire. A doubleman defier. A motor and I.

Regenerate I am. Your final pompeii. O 'etched in acid.

Like a shack of hate. Love in the gut a downbeat ceasar.

Mother's holly roller. The invasion-man. She a real.

A real fuck invention. Like mississippi sway'n.

Persasion. Atomic. Eat it. Atomic. Eat it.

What is a man if not a he's a rebel rouser.

Yea mechanized death. This is what you need.

Las Vegas loser. A fuck'n crazy horse.

Violent staisfaction switching the body. To a shack of hate.

Automation. The skin buckles. This is what you need.

A flesh surrender. Cruxifiction burns.

Sex Mutilation a dead diamond. This game is mine. Atomic.

Eat it. Atomic. Eat it.

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