White Zombie

White Zombie - Ratmouth

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A knuckle duster is the most deadly in the ponderous pace

Of floating justice single-handed dynamo.

Take it now, say the way we want and not for you to point the finger

combustible in a word fuck'n. Say the word and you'll be free.

Contunue your journey Superman say I am we can put you down

not a wizard-boy question just a demonstration of definition.

Silver city crusading to the top of a fug'n bone break most

vile experiment ready to eat your ass. Clockface. Bigtime.

We are. Somekind. Say it. Like always.

Sound + silence promote the zero.

A steel hammer game from me to you, but I don't mind the matter.

Ratmouth don't know what you need just know what you want.

'Walking dead' crawling bloodthirsty Hollywood demon flower grow in the

Valley of Love like a freak highway accident.

Last ride rolling down say hi-density.

Glory stomp gonna make the girl in the room +

in the house turn and see that I ain't there...

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