White Zombie

White Zombie - Murder World

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Summer of love

What a waste now

Earth magic strikes out

A million dollar monster mind

In search of the devil's garden

Make them die

Make them die

Make them die

Make them die

In this land there's no return

Everybody licensed to thrill

A killer alien selling point

Invasion can be fun

Martian war death machine

Turns into a jungle hell

Hang 'em up in the trees

See how hard love bites

Make them die

Make them die

Make them die

Make them die

Shot down

Watch the skies

U.F.O. suicide

I say believe in me

Trip on mars

And get free


Wiped away

No more to say

Time unleashes death

Mid-air plague

Brain damaged rage

Come and get me

Death star reaches

Out to crush you

Idealistic super-hero

Hell squad kingdom

Gets to jammin'

Somewhere in time

Rock the house down

This is murderworld buddy

Not just another traffic jam

No credit card gonna get you home

Jewels in the night don't

Shine no more

This murderworld brother

Nobody loves you anymore

Out of sight and out of mind

What is it what it is

This is murderworld sister

A deep throating little baby-face

Horror of the body is alright

Come on baby and get it on

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