White Zombie

White Zombie - More Human Than Human

rate me

I am the Astro-

Creep a demolition

Style hell american

Freak - I am the

Crawling dead - a

Phantom in a box

Shadow in your

Head say acid

Suicide freedom

Of the blast read

The fucker lies -

Scratch off the -

Broken skin - tear

Into my heart make

Me do it again yeah

More Human Than Human

I am the jigsaw

Man I turn the

World around

With a skeleton hand say -

I am electric head a cannibal core a

Television said

Yeah do not victimize

Read the mother

Fucker-psychoholic lies -

Into a psychic war I

Tear my soul

Apart and I

Eat it some more

More Human Than Human

I am the ripper

Man a locomotion

Mind love american

Style yeah I am

The nexus one I

Want more life

Fucker I ain't

Done - yeah

More Human Than Human

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