White Zombie

White Zombie - Godslayer

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To the horror of satan sea


To the guns of superman

Well I say

Return to a platinum stranger

Hooked on

The enemy under your skin


Despite the heart of stone


For all the beautiful people

Hey I know what I want now

And it's right in front of me

And I know how to get it

The good things in life are

Always free

Landscape of greed and hate

It keeps me going

Victim of what's inside you

Outside of truth

Only hurts now when I laugh

Live by fire

Forever is a long long time

War is hell

Hanging man twitches in agony

Death rattle shakes itself free

Raise you hand to the mountain

Drown in your own bloody fountain

Shadows become longer the sun

Burns down

Don't need to look I am found


If you still remember your name


Visions of a showdown

Blood is

Boiling in the midnight sun


Like the enemy under your skin

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