White Zombie

White Zombie - Gentleman Junkie

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Priests gathered at the graves

No souls were saved, fooling

With the young man's pain

The childs' mind had gone insane

Born in heaven, raised in hell

An angel of death that never

Fell, trapped in a world I never

Made-I watch the sky turn black

And fade. The scene of the crime

Was empty-nothing left for you

To see, but you could hear the

Sound of the bodies breaking the ground

Plague of zombies run away-

Remember hell came today-Scream,

Scream and scream again-my days

Of terror shall begin-. In the

Hills they beat a song of how

All was lost and - all was gone, see

The figures glowing in the night-shadows

Dancing in flaming light.<br />

<br />

Thanks to razvan

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