White Zombie

White Zombie - Disaster Blaster

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Conquest heat master

Skin crack move faster

Doomwatch got open eyes

Perversion never lies

Disaster blaster

Disaster blaster

Creature of destruction

Laughing dead corruption

Challenge to survive

Love butcher alive

Disaster blaster

Disaster blaster

Take a journey into fear

Demon warp invasion

Thunder wheels rolling

Crush 1000 faces

Sworn to fun and loyal to none

When the beast is clever

The best it ain't over

Walk alone on borrowed time

And kiss tomorrow goodbye

Sworn to fun and loyal to none

Lost inside a human zoo

Edge of life wants you

Got a grip on the wire

But my brain don't get no higher

Disaster blaster

Disaster blaster

Leather skin move to the beat

Beastman insulated heat

Looking for a sleeping dream

Hop-head body scream

In the morning

Ready to learn

What's happening

And who's gonna burn

Get on your feet

Time to die

On the floor

Machines don't die

Stealing the world

Walking away

Poison mind


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