White Zombie

White Zombie - Creature Of The Wheel

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Alone against the world

Twist a reckless life - straight

Into the heart of the ripper -

Trick of treat my mind to

A rebel ride - Heldorado

Move like a monster

Creature of the wheel

trigger wicked way -

Tangle like a web

beneath me

Ankle-deep in hell

through another way crucify the sky above me

New God kill machine

And man say Lord of the

Engines - Yeah

Pocket full of dirt - frozen

In my hands - hold on to

The nameless

God yeah


Into the deep

And dying light

Of day - Overdose

On bloody wings

Splinter in the

Skin turn your

Eyes away - sick and

Swaggering - beneath me

Revolution mind ye of

Little faith

Rusty and dull

Cut me

New God kill machine

And man say Lord

Of the engines

And O' brothers and sisters

I ask you to look at him. Does

he have the marks? Do you see

them? NO.

Demon-paper clowns

Stitched across my back

Easygoing dead black eyes

Microscopic giants on a chicken

Run - Everybody dies laughing

Thrust into the drag on the

Edge and wait Motivate the one

Inside you Bastard kicker burn

Blow the ash away - Heldorado

Gonna get you - get you

Get you - get you

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