White Zombie

White Zombie - Acid Flesh

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Great white eyes

Bleed away the

Trembling sound

No more time

Body spasm deep

And passing

Acid flesh

Human river stepping

Stones of

Love and death

A living legend's legacy yeah!

Hustler of the dead

Revolution steals the world

And turns the sky to red

Home sweet hellhole to the

Last man on earth

See what the face of evil

Is truely worth yeah!

Turn your eyes

To the sky

A corpse of blue

Night is time

Growing strong

With every moment

Acid flesh

Chaos pulsing

In my viens yeah!

Hell house temptation

Walk on to salvation

Cold steel-pain trust

Hot blood-forever lust

Raw horror make cheap thrills

Twitch the nerve get your fill

Razor make clean cut

River red so what

Gut twisting holiday

Skin dripping pay to play

Stain is blood

Without a doubt

Godslayer action

Eye to fist

Fist to eye

Dig the war anyway

Killing time

Killing time

Bending cracks up

In my mind

Bite down

Bite down

Money burns

In my hands

I can't seem to

Get enough


Says to you

Love is the one

Thing money can buy

Bite down

Bite down



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