WEZLEY COSHARE - Tribute To Iyke Nmezu (Rest In Peace)

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Intro: {Wezley Coshare}

Ayo.. Iyke, we miss you fam

Still cant believe your gone

But we know your with us in spirit

We love you man

Verse 1 {Wezley Coshare}


Rest In Peace Iyke, Enjoy your sleep

And i know i'll see your face, once again

At the heaven gates

But now your gone fam

I need to speak through this pen

And this beat, and let you know that i love you man

I should have said it to your face, but then again

Who thought i'd see the day when Iyke has passed away

It hurt me man, when i got that phone call

of some-one screaming down the line, like yo Wez

Iyke is dead!!!

At first i doubted it, but now i know its real

I feel a pain inside, that can never ever be replaced

I never shed them tears

But you know that every word, in this verse

Represents the love i got for ya

It's kinda deep cah, we're from the same hood

But barely saw each other

But when we did, it was too much

Bussing bare jokes about girls

My nigger in the red jumper

Yo Iyke, I love you bro!!

Outro: {Wezley Coshare}

Yo Iyke man, i love you man

We all do, and we all miss you

And we know your in a better place

With the Angels in heaven now

I got a few words to read out, from some of your freinds

who wanna let you know, how they feel.

Janine said, Why you have to leave so soon.. we miss you and we love you.

Delayne said, She'll never forget about you, you'll be in her heart for ever, your in a better place now, and we miss you.

Nadjia said, She knows your watching on us, from up above.

E-man said, We miss you fam.

Thumay said, I can't believe your gone, I'll see you soon.

Dean West, wants to say that he knows your in a better place now.

Rest in peace to our fallen soilder, we may have lost a friend, but Heaven has gained an Angel. From Sandra and Zeona.

Jhana says, Your in the biggest part of my heart, love you always and forever.

And Angela says, You'll never be forgotten.

Thanks to cristal for these lyrics

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