WEZLEY COSHARE - Selfish Pride

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Girl, I know that you cry at night

Cause of my selfish pride,

Cause of the lonely nights, and all those times

That you want me there, but I'm nowhere near

But babes, I don't wanna fall inlove

I've been there once, it weren't that nice

She took my heart and broke it apart

And left me out, alone in the dark

And for that, I'm scarred. I'm not scared

But I still don't believe in love.

I don't wanna give my heart to a girl

Who will take it, breat it, and mess it apart

So I hope that you hear these words

And stop those tears,

Cause girl when I see you cry, it hurts inside

To think it's cause of my selfish pride.

Now you know the situation, and destination

Of my heart's last location

So the tempation of falling inlove again, is not too great

But babes, it will make my day

If you started smiling, stop that crying

Showed your face and stop that hiding

This is Less that love, but it's more that like-ing

More that like-ing? (Yes it is)

Enough to make me know that I want you

But I just can't have you

And I just can't love you

Cause of the pain I went through

It's a risk that I just can't try

So babes give me a little more time

This is more than like

And I hate to see you cry

Cause of my selfish Pride

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