WEZLEY COSHARE - Heartbroken Remix

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Oi alex, switch it up man

Oi what you saying, what you saying.

I broke your heart ye?

Shut up man. wastegirl.

What you think its only one person in a relationship?

If it didnt work, then it didnt work get me

stop sweating me man

Girl, i broke your heart too many times

And i made you cry so many nights

So you know what.

Just leave me alone

Dont call me, dont txt me, just leave me

Dont ever, ever come to my yard again

Dont ever, ever say your my girl again

When you see me on road, walk past me

No need to speak to me, dont even look at me

You'll be fine on your own b

And im a real man, i can take it so lets leave this

im a heartbreaker, i'll break yours again

dont come here b, there's nothing to make a mend

and i recomend, that you move on

fine a new man, find a new hubby in your life

Im a heartbreaker i'll breaker yours again

Dont come here girl, you'll be hurt again

Dont, Dont come near me init

Dont, Dont say my name like

Im not your man, no more you get me

Coz i broke your heart ye?

Alright i broke your heart then init

Oi alex, you know when these girls are just chatting air like

it didnt work out and she wants to tell me i broke her heart

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