WEZLEY COSHARE - Do You Mind Featuring Double S

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Wezley Coshare Featuring Double S - Do You Mind Lyrics


Wezley Coshare: Ayo Double

Double S: Yo fam

Wezley Coshare: You see them girls over there?

DoubleS: Man saw them from early dawg

Wezley Coshare: What you saying.. you wanna go do that?

Double S: Yea, come lets go


Do you mind if I takes this seat right here

cause you sittin alone

If you are sippin on 'cris' girl, I'm buyin yeah (Repeat)

Verse 1: {Wezley Coshare}

Oi, Im like babes do you mind

If i come over there and pull up a chair

Give me a second of your time

I'll give you a real quick line, something like

"Babes did it hurt, when you fell out them heaven gates?"

Or something like

"Excuse me, Im new around town, how about you show me around, im lost im tryna find the way to your heart"

Give me a clue like a kiss or two..

Nah wait lets me take this slow

Give me your 079... i'll give you a call tonight

We can chat all night

Down till the morming, Till we're both yawning

And i know im'a get real cheeky and say babes

We only met today, but i can tell that you like me

Your the next wifey


Do you mind if I takes this seat right here

cause you sittin alone

If you are sippin on 'cris' girl, I'm buyin yeah (Repeat)

Verse 2 {Double S}

Baby your beautiful, and our feelings are mutual

So we have to get together cause

Im not Neyo or F.A.B.O but you make me better

Your a tik tak to them other girls your more fresher

I couldn't say it to your face

So i decided to put it on a love letter

Bit old school but romantic im that fella

I aint got a background call me an acapella

So dont think if I get you sprung

That I'll leave you in pain cause im from T

Its not that, Im the type of man that you need in your life

And your the type of gyal I want to be my wife

I'll pay the price, if nigger's chat greeze

I'll be nieve and take a roll of the dice

Cause you look perfect and your worth it

what im tryna say baby girl is (here me out)

Chorus and Outro :

Do u mind if I takes this seat right here

Cause ur sittin alone

If you are sippin on cristal girl, I'm buyin yeah

And if you gotta nigga don't lie, ain't got to front for me

I can give these digits that you can call

You can hit me on the cell if I'm not home

Are you down to swing enough with me

Or could you be blinded but all this ice you see

I'm willing to give you all this love I got

No relationships involved

Gotta keep it strictly physical

All this love waiting just for you

Don't pass it up cause you'll regret it boo

I'll be patiently waitin to hear from you

Girl u gotta be the one, girl you gotta be the one


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