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Wezley Coshare - Come Closer Lyrics

Intro :


Oi come here man, Stop making man ask so many times,

You know them ones.. You dun the Wezley Coshare man

I know your on this though, Listen

Verse 1:

Babes come here, let me whisper in your ear

Something I know that you wanna hear

Like girl your all mine

From your face to your waist, Damn your too fine

Ha, Ye, Im cheeky.. But it's coz you, so dont blame me

And im Wezley girl, so dont swet me

I know that you like when i call you Babey

I write lyrics like these

Coz girl when im with you.. You make me go crazey

I write lyrics like these

Coz girl when im with you, I know your my ladey

I does this and i know that your on this

I does this and i know that you want this

Im Wezley Coshare,,. and i never get air

So babes, just come right here

Chorus - Talking

Oi oi.. come here come here

Let me speak to you for a bit man

Oi Come closer.. let me holla at you..

What you saying b.. What you on?

Alright listen

Verse 2:

I wanna talk in the whispers

Make you smile and blush when i say your the mrs

Dont be shy, give me kisses

Come closer babes, and tell me your wishes

Let me know what''s on your mind

Girl you know that your mine, so with you, i've got time

So babes come closer

Give me your hand lets go for a walk.. lets spend some time

I wanna know the agenda

I wanna know what your under

I wanna know what you do in the day time

What you do in the night time

What you've planned for your life-time

Girl.. come here, come near me

Sit right here girl, sit beside me

I wanna whisper in your ear

Something that you wanna hear, girl.. come closer

Outro: Phone call

Phone ringing..

Lady speaking

Yea wezley.. Its Louise

And like.. phone me when you get this message

Answer Machine :

End of message

To return the call press hash #

To repeat press 4

To hear the message Envelop press 5

To delete press.. Message deleted.

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