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Wezley Coshare - Bait Name Lyrics


Yo, Its Wezley Coshare

Alright check this one out

I've got a girl, the wifey

And she's saying how my name is too bait

so she cant handle it and all that

so she wants to leave me

Verse 1:

Im like babes i no i got a bait face

Im an mc so i'v got a bait name

But what i can say

I make music on a daily.. and babes trust me they rate me

Now some say im too much

And some say they like me, and they think im too nice

But babes its only you on my mind

So believe me when i tell you that your all mine.

Some girls hate you and talk about you

And say that your only mine, coz your light skin

Nah babes thats the wrong thing

To say.. and its hurts so you dont wanna stay

I can feel your pain

And its me too when they talk bad about me and you

But nobody knows what we've been through

So babes just stay we can make it through

Verse 2:

Look babes your being unfair

Your my wifey your suppose to be there

Through the good times

And the hard times

Now you wanna leave me coz we're going through a rough time

Thats huRts b.. that huts inside

To think that i thought of you was ma ride or die

Think that i thought of you was ma wife for life

Now your telling me that your saying goodbye

Well babes have a nice life

Have a good time without me by your side

Live a new life without me as your guide

And tell me how it goes, tell me how it feels

But remeber, your being unfair

I never thought i'd see this day right here

Where you get up and tell me your leaving

And the reason

Coz of ma bait name


So like,

There you have it

Im a bait name, so im loosing my wifey

Basically, its either my girl or music<br />

<br />

Thanks to kelsey

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