Wayne Wonder

Wayne Wonder - KINDA LADY

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The looks in your eyes comes as no surprise

The passion you have for your baby

Makes me realize, you won't compromise

Things in your life to look shady

There comes a time in life,

That you must be, who you must be, yeah

And by your vibes I find

There's still a few with good qualities


You're my kinda lady can it be me

You wanna see eventually

You're my kinda baby

I'm hoping it's me, you wanna love eternally


I love how you dress, and I'm so impressed

The way that you carry yourself daily

Even under duress, and so much stress

By dealing with your baby's daddy

But nothing can change my mind

And I can't wait for you to be free yeah

Cuz I'll never find this kind

So I wanna show what you're to me yeah

Chorus x2

Your rainbows moves me

And God I was choosey

In your arms and needs yeah

You're so warm and cosy that girl you expose me

To all the love i need baby

Chorus until fade

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