Wayne Wonder


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Chorus: Wayne Wonder & (Elephant Man)

I gotta crazy feeling inside (Fi di gal dem)

I know you want me so come on and get me (True now)

Baby come into my life (Fi di gal dem)

I'll take you back on the force of light (Do it Wayne dance)

Crazy feeling inside (Fi di gal dem)

I know you want me so come on and get me (Shizzle, shizzle)

Baby come into my life

I'll take you back on the force of light

Verse 1: Elephant Man


Before the sunrise, she get di size, between the ties

Haffi a wood though while she getting in trouble no bag a eyes

Me never waan the man to make nuh noise

She tell me keep it on the down low no one a surprise

Becau di lips could never dem a spise

She nuh eat nuh noting with none a dem pun corna eyes

Dem all a full a tricks an' full a lies

Dem kind of boy she despise

Hotty hotty queenie me go pick her up inna me Lamagenie

Seh she gwaan go show me tricks just like a genie

Camera bag inna bikini

How is she really tink it is a teeny

Never imitate ficial Beemy

Know me dem she all a free me

Ugly up di face like Haloweeny

She a love at first sight an' she feel me

Legoff di French sheeny

'Member we a boy we love fi peeny peeny

She take di combination make she schemy

True now


Bridge: Wayne Wonder & Elephant Man

Baby come put my mind at ease

When we drop di tappa we a cruise inna di breeze

I know girl I'm really just what you need

Gal me a go give it to you all and make you weaze

Baby come keep my company

I go make noting come between you and me

Let me light your fire

Verse 2: Elephant Man

I grill too many boats

And one bokkle of Gotta Shoot Roots

Bury di herb

Gal rap up a whole 10 soup

When me shoot

Inna di hoop

Never miss a loop

Tell a corend me from get all di frank so gwaan a loop

Wine pon me soup

Like a whole a hoop

Never miss a target

Bullseye evertime me shoot

So mother grow me up since me a youth

Feed me pon di steam fish

I gotta

(Chorus 2x)

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