Wayne Marshall

Wayne Marshall - Strike Dem

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Evil on the land trying to take over

Falling from grace

Speedy end of days

Points of blood lay heavy on their shoulders

No one is safe when the Eden rage

We'll crawl to the top of the mountain

And gather a force of light

And we'll march to the mount of the serpent

And strike with a sword of light


Strike dem down, strike dem down

Cost dem on the ground

Strike dem down, strike dem down

His wrath poured out right now

Strike dem

I will stand up and I will fight

Stand for justice equal rights

And I will have to burn blood sacrifice

Too much daemons a progress in life

I will stand up and I will fight

Stand for justice equal rights

And I have to burn these evil device

And sell them soul fo a price

So let the word of thy mouth and the meditation of thy heart

Be accepted as a saint when you walk

Pagans a get strike and trample when wi march

Caw dem sell dem soul to witchcraft

So mi burn the skull to the bone

And the shape shifter heart

So mi burn the beast caw mi naw tek dem heart

Jah a wi light wi a go shine in a the dark

Caw any day now hell be poring his wrath


Revelation to Genesis

Exodus to the Maccabees

Done wid these atrocities

Some a dem youth yah a devil breed

A beg yo please call the exorcises

Fi kill these evil energy’s

Thunder ball fi the enemy’s

When jah buss out the seven seals

Cyaa deal wid the strategy

Giving power to the savages

Cause this is not, this call Jah, Jah, way

A no this Martin fight fa no

A no this Markus write fa no

A no this Marley sing fa

Fi the youths dem a get sucidista


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