W.A.S.P. - Don't Cry (just Suck) lyrics

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Tell me are you nasty Then I got what ya need I'll show ya somthing dirty Cause I'm perverse ya see Don't cry for mercy no, no Cause I don't wanna know No not for nothing I'll never let ya go I'm gonna make ya nasty You'll be my little whore Come on and do me until I'm red Like a dick on a dog Dont stop for nothing now Cause I don't wanna know No, not for nothing I gotta let it go Don't cry, just suck And don't get no cramps in your tongue Oh, come on do the nasty, yeah Don't cry, it ain't much No, you're never to young Oh, do your nasty All over me I know, I know Where you wanna be Oh, Yeah It's down on, down on On your knees I know, I know You're no baby Oh, yeah It's what you need

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