W.A.S.P. - Arena Of Pleasure lyrics

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I don't know where I'm going, but I can't wait to get there, All I know is, I'm just going I ran away from home last night, gone forever I was running for my life And I've heard the words of what I should be Live, Work, Die, I am the orphan of the night Take me down, I'm coming home, the road to ruins Inside the pleasure dome Take me down, I'm coming home, arena of pleasures Where I belong I'm in the eye of my rage, where no hurricane dies I'm in the eye of my rage, where the hurricane lies Oh, a storm's in my eyes And like the beast that's in my soul, I'm the restless child Ah mama, I'm running for my life I was sixteen going nowhere, will I see seventeen alive And I was running from the nightmare I stand at the promised land with fire in my eyes I'm at the crossroad of my destiny and desire Oh, God, what will I be And my obsession is the gasoline to feed my fire Oh it's burning in me Don't waste the tears on my wasted years Mama I'm outta here They are poisoned snakes with double tongues Horney hedgehogs who do their wrong Deaf men and blind worms, they'll be not seen They are pawns and rooks for a crimson king They are a government with a parliament of whores Can you hear the screams from the fame machine Down in Chainsaw Charlies morgue?

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