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I'm gonna find how far your mem'ry reaches and then go one mile more

I'm gonna find a place where your mem'ry leaves me and then go one mile more

Old beatup suitcase on the platform a train ticket in my hand

The train's just arrivin' that'll take me as far as fourteen dollars can

I don't know where I'll be tomorrow I'll just climb aboard and ride

Cause this pain in my heart keeps tearing me apart and I gotta find a place to hide

I'm gonna find...

[ guitar - steel ]

When I think of me and this beatup suitcase the places we both been

Ridin' the rails any cheap hotels and now we're gone again

It makes me wonder what kind of life that I've got left in store

Just how long have I gotta keep a runnin' till your mem'ry's here no more

I'm gonna find...

And then go one mile more

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