b. Warner McPherson, 2 April 1938, Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Warner Mack is one of the few country musicians to be born in Nashville, although at the age of seven he moved to Jackson, Tennessee, and when he was nine, to Vicksburg, Mississippi. Mack, whose father was a minister, tells his story in the song "Tennessee Born, Mississippi Raised". He played at various school functions and started performing on the radio show Louisiana Hayride. In 1957, he wrote and recorded "Is It Wrong (For Loving You)?", which was later a number 1 country hit for Sonny James. In 1964 Mack had success with a Jim Glaser song, "Sitting In An All Night Cafe", but while it was climbing the country charts, he suffered serious injuries in a car accident. Mack, whose stage name came about through a mistake on a record label, had a US country number 1 with his own composition, "The Bridge Washed Out", and had further success with "Talking To The Walls" and "How Long Will It Take?". He was the first country artist to record a national commercial for Coca-Cola. His last US country chart entry was "These Crazy Thoughts" in 1977. Mack has completed successful tours of UK country clubs, always closing with an emotional version of "He Touched Me".

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