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Live for the good times live for the good times

Don't sit around and always cry the blues

You gonna wake up one mornin' and it'll be time to die

Turn your light on and live for the good times

Well the good Lord's done give you everything to make you happy

The birds and the bees and the leaves on the trees and the love in your baby's eyes

That's why I let your hair down and try a little bit laughin'

Don't always look for the rainy days let the sun shine for awhile

You'd better live for the good times...

[ trumpets - guitar ]

There's not a day that passes we don't grow a little bit older

And the time you live won't be regular on money just won't buy

So why not lift your head up get those worries off your shoulder

Cause everything ain't gonna be right no matter how you try

You've gotta live for the good times...

You gonna wake up one mornin'...

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