Warlock - Shout It Out

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Get away and start all over

Think about your own


Maybe you have to try

When time is right for you

Ah, you ain't gonna find a way

To make it all better

But leave the evil nightmare

Now and forever

Hear the sound of music

Feel the night is so remote

So pave the way for

Pave the way for

What you wanna do

So do it

What you wanna do

So go and do it

Try to find your destination

Things can get you so high

When you know what's life

Then you can't get enough

Shout it out (what you want)

Never say die

Shout it out (to feel good)


Show the others

When you boil with rage

You wanna destroy

The narrow minded fuss

About nothing

About nothing

They didn't accept

They didn't expect

They wonder why

There's only destruction

On your mind

Your mind

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