Warlock was a German heavy metal music band from Düsseldorf, originally assembled in late 1982.

Warlock spent most of the year of 1983 playing in different German clubs, eventually building a steady fan base. After recording a demo and sending it to record labels, the band obtained a contract with independent Belgian label Mausoleum.

The “Mark I” line-up (Doro Pesch on vocals, Peter Szigeti and Rudy Graf on the guitars, Frank Rittel on the bass and Michael Eurich on the drums) recorded the albums Burning the Witches (from 1984) and Hellbound (from 1985), making European tours to market the releases.

In August 1986 Warlock opened for the Monsters of Rock at the Maimarktgelände in Mannheim, West Germany when the Scorpions were headlining the all day concert. Def Leppard, Ozzy Osbourne, MSG and Bon Jovi were also there.

After the tour for the album True As Steel ended, bassist Frank Rittel left, and was replaced by Tommy Henriksen. Guitarist Peter Szigeti also left, giving place to Tommy Bolan (ex-Armed Forces). Warlock then released its fourth album Triumph And Agony on September 5, 1987. It would be their last album.

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