Warlock - Igloo on The Moon

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Life can be good

Life can be bad

Sometimes our mind is floating

A sea of doubt

A number 1

Right off the track

Sometimes it all hangs by a thread

But I know people

With a different point of view

Blue card-board heroes

With bad luck in their shoes

I'm telling you

You better run for home

Go keep your distance

Get back where you belong !


Oh you can build an igloo on the moon

Go to the pyramids and book a tomb

We're better off without you here

So go away - and shed all your tears


Because I'm reckless

Ready to go

A touch of lightning

From my head to my toes


Live your life

Before the moment dies

The tender hooks of agony

Stuck like a poison arrow deep

Inside your heart

It hurts so good

To feel so sad

Oh lay down you're better off dead

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