Walter Hawkins

Walter Hawkins - Be Grateful

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choir Oouuu oouuuu

God has not promised me, sunshine

That's not the way it's going to be,

but a little rain {choir A Little rain

mixed with God's sunshine.

A little pain,(Choir A Little pain

makes me appreciate the good times.

Be grateful ( Choir)

Be grateful (Choir

God desires to feel

your longings

every pain that you feel,

He feels them

Just Like you.

But he can't afford to let you feel

only good.

Then you can appreciate

the good times.

Be grateful

Be grateful

Be grateful

Becuase there's someone else who's worse off than you.

Be Grateful

Because there's someone else

who'd love to be in your shoes.

Be grateful

My God said He'd never,

never forsake you.

Be Grateful (repeat)

Be Grateful repeat several times

lead and choir sing be grateful

for it will be alright

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