Wallis Bird

Wallis Bird - Just Keep Going

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Months pass by and I'm still the same

Can't stop saying your name

Pictures show I look so washed out

I haven't slept right for days

And I was crying "please don't be in love"

(unless you love me back)

Put on my shoes and go for a walk

But I can't escape my thoughts... so I

Just keep going

And there's the turn - I'm so weak, I look in your eyes and die

And there's the turn - I'm so bruised, I can't tell you 'cos I'll lose, I'll lose

So I just keep going, just keep going

No distance showing, just keep it...

Songs write by and I'm still the same

Can't shake this fucking thing

I'll smile at you but I won't show my teeth

You'll only see half of me

'Cos when I slept in someone else's arms

I knew I knew the truth

Kept leaning over to kiss their mouth, but I kept expecting you

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Thanks to Claire

Thanks to frances for these lyrics

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