Wallis Bird

Wallis Bird - An Idea About Mary

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A sailor a sailor did drown my heart

because of your thunderous wave goodbye

and I never saw you sleeping

in your matching shoes

So a part of me still thinks you're alive

and if my mam is feeling better

we'll take some sandwiches for the road

and we'll drive into the lights on the way home

and my dad talks about the weather

says 'the arse is falling out of the sky'

the day that mary died


Oh lover! I've got plenty so why do I feel

like I've got nothing

oh lover! i'm so empty - who am I now?

tell me who i'm going to be

or just give me back me

My saviour is braver than I can be

taking all the weapons out of my mind

and I sing for my supper but I sing for me

so a part of me is aching to survive

(Someone put a shape on me)


Oh lover! i've got plenty...

why do i feel like I need something else

then give me something else

Or give me back me.

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