Wainwright Rufus

Wainwright Rufus - Foolishlove lyrics

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I don't want to smell you and lose my senses

And smile in slow motion with eyes in love

I twist like a corkscrew, the sweetness rising

I drink from the bottle weeping

Why won't you last?

Why won't you last?

So I will walk without care, beat my snare

Look like a man who means business

Go to all the poshest places with their familiar faces

Terminate all signs of weakness


Oh, all for the sake, all for the sake

Of a foolish love

I will take my coffee black, never snack

Hang with the wolves who are sheepish

Flow through the veins of town, always frown

Me and my mistress the princess


So the day Noah's Ark floats down Park

My eyes will be simply glazed over

Or better yet

I'll wear shades on sunless days

And when the sun's out I'll stay in and slumber


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